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[5e] Items from Princecon 44

This last weekend I had the honor and pleasure of running for about 16 hours at Princecon 44 , one in a series of incredible weekend long 100+ player shared world D&D marathons. One of the most distinctive elements is usually the goofy magic items, and these are some of the sillier ones I came up with. Another key item I made was a series of viral magical fungi, which will feature in a separate blog post. Party Favors Doubling trumpet: Flanged brass horn the size of a torso. Echoes sounds from a paired receiver in the form of an Iron ring filled with a mesh screen. Feedback loop creates 2d12 thunder damage in a 60’ radius after a turn, destroying the horn. Endurance Drums: While these drums are being played, constant physical activity grants immunity to exhaustion effects within 60’ Wurm’s Calabash: Smoking out of this purple ivory pipe as a bonus action creates smoke illusions controlled at will. 5’ diameter, 30’ range, each turn 1 in 2 chance of dissipation. Toastin

Zadelrazz Discord Bot

I made a discord bot I'm calling Zadelrazz, named after a wizard I've played many times. His role is to participate in #gygaxiandemocracy channels, listen to lists, and repost them as a single message when they finish. Plans to do more eventually, documented on the github page !

Molds by B44

B44L put together some nice monsters for Mothership, so I prettied them up into a printable table reference Google Doc with PDF Here

Lightning Serpents

This monster and location came from a larger adventure with a space elf.I don't have my notes so stats are pretty sketchy. Lightning Serpents These serpents, once worshiped on the island where they live, grow to be larger than one person can put their arms around, sometimes dozens of feet long. They grind against the iron-wood bark of their native trees to build up a static charge, large enough to raise them slightly off of the ground. This height gives them even greater stealth through their forests, and the charge can be a second nasty surprise when dispersed on a bite. Pseudo stats Moving full distance within their native environment grants them a full charge. This grants a movement speed bonus, and is expended in any bite attack. They have two attacks They can slash at you with their scales. This occurs during a move action that abuts your position twice (e.g. a turn with you inside the corner). This doesn't release a full charge They can bite you. If the serpent i

Writing History

For future reference, this is a list of names (mostly placeholders) for RPG stuff I've written and could hypothethically write up. I don't have much more than pictures for some of them, but can remember most pretty well. Unless otherwise noted, I wrote these for fifth edition D&D. Newest items are at the top. Order mostly guessed before portendorfer fort. Acanthine - GLOG(?) setting Star-Brass Titan - The Black Hack portendorfer fort bad birthday  Toothache   progenitor crypt frostburn stolen spark lightning serpents hashamite wastes - hexcrawl all out of time green man - Monster of the week Princecon 43 rust - The Sprawl campaign mountaintop sun cult sunken oasis stone temple sticky situation finding ft stonespur goblin pirates dal fadir, city of bone soot covered lamp crumbling castle silent shout Princecon 42 thaumaclysm - setting very tall tower shadow vault going way back The Gyre - Fate setting Invisible Cities - Fate campaign Shatt

[5E] Module: Toothache

Having just completed their last adventure, a wandering half-elf merchant named Vaseron catches up to the party, asking for help. His friend Godwin, the blacksmith of Oakhurst, told him that the village has had a plague of missing teeth. Vaseron will continue on, but will describe the small path that can be taken to Oakhurst. Oakhurst Oakhurst is small village, no more than a few dozen in the village proper. It has wooden walls and two gates carved in an elven style. The village has a handful of homes, a blacksmith, a market square, and a blacksmith. Almost everyone is missing at least one tooth, many are missing even more. At night, the gates are guarded at night by Zora and the frequently sleeping old man Greelish, watching for thieves passing through. They wear common clothes or leathers, and wield quarterstaves. They will check bags for missing teeth, though they are under orders to deny this, as well as the prupose of their watch. They will refer the party to Balthazar if pre